The story behind our syrup

It all began in February 2010 with two taps, some tubing and a bucket, two days later, there were 5 gallons of sap, a turkey fryer and a roasting pan...
let's just say that we got hooked!

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Growing the Operation

After what began as a "small start," we worked on building a better and more efficient operation. By making these improvements, our production is better quality and more efficient.

growing operation
Product expansion

Expanding to New Products

A little bit of experimenting led to the expansion of more than just maple syrup. Once you have made and filtered the Syrup, it can then be boiled to Various temperatures on the candy thermometer and treated in Particular ways, you can make Maple Cream, Maple Candy, Maple Taffy, Cotton Candy or Granulated Maple Sugar. 

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Growing the Operation

South 4 Farms is a small family farm located in Scottsville, Kentucky owned by Nace & Sheila Taylor. We produce 100% pure Kentucky Maple Syrup products.

Often imitated with corn syrups and added sugar products, we are proud to say that our Maple Syrup products are all-natural, no sugar added, pure products made by our family for yours.

We are committed to producing the best and cleanest Value Added products with rich, high quality ingredients.

Nace & Sheila Taylor

Family-grown uninterruptedly for over 4 generations

Come and visit us

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